Nine little known secrets of advertising

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New to advertising, some retailers will ask you, "But what should I advertise? All my products are great. Everybody knows where we are. Advertising is just a waste of money."

All their products may be great. And their customers may remember where they are. But you, your retailers and their advertising need to concentrate on a few products that will bring customers to their stores time and time again.

Every business should have at least one product or service that sells well.

That's what we should concentrate on in designing their advertising.

Don't waste time and dollars trying to advertise inventory that is not selling.

Advertise the product that most of their customers already want, advises Bob Phibbs in "You Can Compete: Double Sales Without Discounting" (Braxton Manor Publishing).

Bob's little book is aimed at small retailers or business people in the service sector. It's full of such field-tested advice on advertising successfully. It also contains great ideas to share with all of your advertisers. If we are to become the valued professional advertising advisors are customers need, we need to know as much about what works in business as we can.

Nine more secrets

Last month we talked about "Three Little Known Secrets of Advertising". This month we are going to talk about nine more of these secrets. But to review first, here are the three we discussed last month

1. We are professionals who give excellent, creative, supportive service.
2. They will build top-of-mind name and location awareness — "branding" is the trendy term — for their stores, products and services.
3. They increase traffic to increase revenue to increase profit.

Now here are the final nine.

4. They will defend their customer base against their competition.

To borrow a phrase from motivational speakers, if you fail to plan your advertising, you plan to fail in business. Your customers can bet their competitors want their share of the market and they will advertise to get it.

5. They will protect and expand their market share.

The same principles work for your customers. To hang onto their customers and bring in more prospects, a sound ad campaign is a must. This is not an expense but an investment.

6. They will tie in with national advertising for their products.

The people who make and distribute their products spend millions of dollars creating top of mind awareness of their brands. Local advertising lets our readers know which merchants carry these products locally and how to find them.

7. They can enjoy a bargain in co-op advertising.

Manufacturers and distributors offer cooperative advertising programs, many of them paying up to 100% of the ad invoice. Ad Mall ( tells who offers what each week.

8. They increase goodwill for their stores and what they offer.

Quality products and first class service are assets not only to a business owner but to the community that wants value.

9. They will inform customers of new products, services and discounts.

Nothing else can accomplish this but advertising. Word of mouth is fine but they have no control over it. Word of mouth can be just as negative as positive. Advertising is always positive and the business owner controls what it says.

10. They will appeal to newcomers to their community.

Their customers may know what products they carry and where they are. But visitors and new residents have no idea who they are, what they carry and how to reach them.

11. They will attract prospective customers to their store.

In advertising sales, we constantly prospect for new business. Our advertisers need to do the same. We go out to meet prospects. Advertising brings prospects to them.

12. They can tell their story through testimonials from loyal customers.

Nothing takes the risk out of a purchase like hearing from satisfied customers. Whether you're buying a $150,000 house or a $30,000 automobile, you want to know you are dealing with someone reputable. Testimonials build credibility and assure shoppers that your advertisers are trustworthy and will stand behind their products and help if something goes wrong.

Your motto, like mine, might be:
"If you want to upsize your business, your need to advertise your business".

My suggestion is to keep a copy of all 12 of these secrets with you and review them from time to time to remind yourself of the value you bring to prospects and customers.

If you find Dynamic Selling helpful in your career, go to my web site and sign up for my free quarterly e-letter, "Power Up for Success". It contains a lot of valuable information about doing business successfully that you can share with your advertisers.

Next month we will talk about a sales game — "Four Quarters of Fun" — you and your sales staff can play all year to instill sound goal setting and planning habits, generate more sales revenue and make everybody more money in 2005 than they made in 2004.

By the way, here's wishing you the happiest of holidays and a dynamic 2005.

Jerry Bellune's new book on advertising sales, "How to Peel a Green Banana: Seven Strategies of Advertising Super Stars", is available in CD or 3-ring binder formats. You can order by Visa or MC credit cards at 803-359-7633. You can subscribe to Jerry's FREE e-letter Power Up for Success at their web site

Nine Little Known Secrets of Advertising


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