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Our mission is to help papers increase revenues and profits. 


After publishing and operating papers in Michigan for more than 20 years, owner David Baragrey began Publishers-Edge in 2000. 


We are a privately held company that is driven by creating and developing good products to help our customers. We are not owned by a larger corporation that holds our feet to the fire driving for better margins and increasing stock value. Of course we want to increase sales for our business but our focus is on creating innovative products at reasonable prices. Our time tested operating attitude is that if we offer a good product at fair price customers will come back again and again. We are building a strong base of satisfied customers for our business to grow from. Click Here to read what some of our customers have to say about us.


Our product line-up includes:

30 different Special Section Packages. Each package includes a minimum of 13 articles and photos. These are all original content articles. They do not promote a specific product or service. They are informative articles written to benefit your reader.

But the content is just the beginning. We also include sales tools to help you sell advertising in these special sections. We pre-design a 16 page section for you complete with ad spaces for your sales staff to fill. This pre-designed section makes it easier to show and sell the section to your advertisers. We also include sales scripts. These include a couple of good opening statements plus 8 or 9 common objections your sales staff might hear and what to say when they hear them. Additionally, we include a list of the types of businesses you should be seeing for each special section. Great content plus all the tools you need to improve revenues in your special sections.


Over 400 How-To Articles. This is the hottest special section content to hit the circuit in years. Papers all over the country are publishing very successful How To sections adding thousands of dollars in new revenues to their sales figures. These How To articles cover everything from buying a new car to selling your home. Topics include Home, Health, Family, Automotive, Outdoor, Finance, Recreation and much more.


HotterPrice.com is a new on-line auction and marketplace tailored for your paper. This service pays big dividends. Your paper receives 75% of all the sellers fees while we take care of all the work (that’s a good deal). Consumers and businesses can easily market and sell items on-line. This can become the local on-line marketplace to help your local merchants compete with big box stores and on-line threats.

SpecialSectionOnLine.com is our new on-line access page to everything we offer. Annual subscriptions for any size paper. Special pricing is available to Associations to offer this package as a member benefit. Corporate packages are also available companies who publish multiple papers. We also have a special package for PAGE Co-op Members


Read what our customers have to say about our special section program.


We make it easier to sell advertising in special sections. Use the order form on-line or contact us to order by mail. Click Here to use the order form now.

Helping Papers Increase Revenues and Profits

Text Box: A Turn-Key solution to producing special sections in the paper and on the Web plus added value features to help you sell more advertising.

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How-To Articles


Now almost 400

articles written to help your readers do almost anything. Click Here to view the list.


Written by experts, these “How-To” articles are informative and offer great advice.


Publish a “How-To”

special section in your paper and only

purchase the articles you need.


Just $39 for each article includes a 500 to 800 word informative article with a corresponding photograph.


Click Here to view the list. Order by Phone, Fax or E-mail.


This may be your most popular special section ever!

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Over 400 How-To Articles

How-To Articles

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