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Tips on Collecting, Finding Estate Sales, How much is it worth, etc. This is a great section to use as a single page for multiple weeks to attract those hard to get antique dealers.


· Shopping Estate Sales for Antiques (801 words)

· Displaying Your Collectibles (754 words)

· Antiques: What’s Fake…What’s Not (956 words)

· Getting Started in Antique Buying and Selling (1,068 words)

· Some Fine Points about Furniture and Refinishing (1,030 words)

· Some Clever Ways to Shop for Antiques (811 words)

· Shopping for Antique Toys and Dolls (787 words)

· Get a Good Appraisal for Your Antiques (1,034 words)

· Caring for Antique Jewelry (763 words)

· Finding and Buying a Classic Car (718 words)

· Setting Up Space in an Antique Mall (786 words)

· Shopping for Collectibles (1,007 words)

· Antique Engagement Rings (1,068 words)




All of the photos for these articles are full color.

Antiques & Collectibles

Special Sections for Print are delivered on CD and each disk contains each of the articles listed above in both MS Word and Text format. The CD also contains artwork and photos in either JPEG, TIF or PDF files. The CD also contains the Front page and 16 page tabloid section with articles, photos and ad spaces completely laid out in a Quark Xpress document.

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