Accomplishing What is Most Important

Accomplish Your Most Important Goals

By Dave Baragrey


Everyone is Busy. Most of us work very hard, every day to improve the operation of our papers. But are we working on what is most important? Are we focusing on the primary goals of the organization that are going to have the best impact on our operation? Following are some methods to help you keep on track of accomplishing what is going to have the greatest impact on our business.


Determine important goals that match your values. This may sound easier than it truly is. Here, you should determine what values are highest on your list. Is it career, family, financial, spiritual or is leisure time at the top of your list? Your list of goals can be categorized into any of these areas, but there should be one area that takes precedence over the others. This primary focus should figure into all of your goals in every category. If your spiritual goal is most important, are you allowing enough time to accomplish your spiritual goals when you determine career or leisure time goals?


Begin with the end result. If you begin by picturing what the end result should look like it is easier to remain focused on your goal. Form a clear image of what your end result will look like. Put it on paper then work the plan backwards. What will it take to accomplish this goal? How will your business be structured when you reach your target? What will your home look like when you reach your financial goal? How will you act toward others when you reach your spiritual goal? Picture the end result first, then outline the plan of what it will take to reach your target.


List 5 things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Work these goals backwards. Identify goals or accomplishments you want to reach within 10 years, then 5 years, then this year, this month and this week. Be sure they tie to accomplishing your lifetime goals. By determining your lifetime goals first then listing tasks to accomplish within a shorter time frame that connect to the overall lifetime goal you will more likely to accomplish what is most important.


Write the goals down. I love using Microsoft Outlook for scheduling tasks. Those annoying pop-up reminders help me keep on track of what needs to be done and when they need to be completed.


Create a story board. While attending a training session at the Disney Institute I discovered the value of story boards. This lays out the plan so you can determine the entire plan while creating a visual story of the overall goal. The story board provides the visual reminder that takes the plan from merely words to life plan. PS: Stick men are ok to use if you are graphically challenged.


Design the plan. Often, our goals are listed as things we want instead of a plan including tasks that it takes to accomplish the plan. Don’t get stuck on things you want. Instead, determine what is it going to take to reach the goal. Identify the small tasks that you will need to do to move closer to the goal. How can you make your dream come true and what do you need to do today to get started?


One thing at a time. Our list of tasks becomes so large that it overwhelms us. Focus on one thing at a time. Do something everyday to move you closer to your goal, but don’t over schedule the tasks making them overwhelming and unachievable. Concentrate on one thing at a time.


You have to dream. Just before you climb into bed every night, review one of your goals. This allows your subconscious mind to work while you sleep. Your subconscious can be very creative (if only you can remember those ideas in the morning).


Here is a quote to remember:

“I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.”
Comedian Lily Tomlin


Dave Baragrey is a business consultant and sales trainer for Publishers-Edge, a Special Section syndicate for print and on-line special sections, and Consulting business specifically designed to help newspapers and shopping guides.

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