#1 - Business Analysis - This program begins with an interview of your management team to discover problem areas as they perceive them. We then interview key personnel to discover their perception of business practices, morale, problem areas and success areas. This discovery stage may also include interviews with key accounts and readers of your publication. The process continues by following your process of communication of goals and how the results are measured. The analysis concludes with a report on the results of the interviews and recommendations of how you can improve your business operations and communication and enhance your relationships with your staff and customers.


Fee - $8,000 (USA)
To have Publishers-Edge help your paper improve relationships and your image contact us now by e-mail analysis@Publishers-Edge.com

#2 - Increase Revenues - Promotions...Special Sections...Rate Increase…Telemarketing. These are all standard ways to increase revenues. Which ones are right for your business? We begin with a study of current advertising rates and competitive value. We will look at market segments that are ripe for new special sections and promotions. Then we determine which sections your sales force is best suited to sell. Which sections offer the best opportunity for increased market share and revenues? How these sections fit with your client base and your current product mix. We will recommend which programs are best for your business.

Fee- $8,000 (USA)
To have Publishers-Edge help your paper increase revenues contact us now by e-mail revenues@Publishers-Edge.com

#3 - Implement Promotions - Publishers-Edge will design the cost and revenue budget, sales plan, incentives, target customer list, promotional materials and sales script for each new promotion.

Fee-15% of first year revenues. (Performance based fee)
To have Publishers-Edge help your paper implement promotions contact us now by e-mail promotions@Publishers-Edge.com

#4 - Improve Profits - Following a comprehensive study of your expense reports and business operations we will suggest ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in your publishing business that will increase profits immediately and have positive results on your day-to-day operations. The results of this study include suggestions for both product improvement and cost savings in daily and weekly operations.

Fee $5,000 - $20,000. (USA) (Performance based fee)
Publishers-Edge fee for this program is just 1/12 (one month's savings) the annual savings from reasonable cost savings found from this study. Minimum fee of $5,000

To have Publishers-Edge help your paper improve profits contact us now by e-mail profits@Publishers-Edge.com

Free On-Line Consulting - For twelve (12) months following any consultation, Publishers-Edge will provide free on-line consulting for your business. We will provide free advice to your staff on any subject regarding your publishing business.

To have Publishers-Edge help your paper contact us now by e-mail sales@Publishers-Edge.com

Unique programs to improve your publishing business operations and revenues

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