Expectations For a Manager

Expectations For a Manager

During the 30 years I spent running papers I discovered some characteristics that I found valuable for my department managers to possess. I didn’t want them to just be a boss. I expected them to be leaders. My expectation for the management staff was high and I was seldom disappointed. I always clearly shared my expectations with them and they responded. My staff and management were always highly regarded in the office, in the community and in the industry.

I want to share with you some of my expectations for managers and supervisors as they lead the people at your newspaper and shopping guide.


Be a Positive Leader – You will set the tone for the entire staff in your department. If you are down and acting as if you are fighting against the world your staff will feel that same way. Your example is the personality reflected throughout the entire department. I expect you to be a positive leader. You are always setting an example for your staff to follow. Is it a good example, or a bad example?


Be a Follower – As the manager and leader it is your responsibility to see that everyone follows the procedures set by our management team. This is difficult at times, especially if you don’t agree with the procedures. You should share your opinions when the policy is being set. However, once the policy or procedure is set it is your responsibility to make sure it is followed.


Be a Teacher – Help your staff learn to do their job better. Share the workload without being the one who does all the work and keeps all the glory. Generally, people like to work hard and be a valuable contributor to the success of the business. After all, this is their place of employment too. They like to work for a successful business and they love to contribute to that success. Encourage them to learn more about their work. Give encouragement to those who perform well. Reprimand those who do not perform well. Nobody likes to work with a slacker. The workload has to be picked up by those who are performing well. It is not fair to punish people for doing their job well to cover for those who aren’t carrying their load.


Be a Student – Always schedule time to study. You must try to improve your personal performance by learning to do your job well. As a manager, your job is to accomplish the goals of the company through people. “Getting things done through people” is a complete description of a manager. Spend time reading and doing research to improve your management skills.


Change Everything – Never accept the answer “That is the way we have always done it.” Be willing to improve every way we do business. In order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace we must be ready to change the way we do business in an instant. Always look for a better way. Always justify the expense. Make the task more efficient. Make the task easier. Make the task less costly. Improve working conditions. Improve the quality. Always justify the expense. Always look for a better way.


Never Compromise Integrity - Always be fair. Treat staff and customers with respect. Treat them the way you expect to be treated. Always be honest. Never lie to a staff member, customer, supervisor or yourself. Always be nice. You can create enemies with your attitude. You can also create friends with your attitude. Always respect your staff. Loyalty and dedication to the job come from loyalty and dedication to the boss. These attributes come from the example you set. Are you loyal and dedicated? Most importantly, do you appear loyal and dedicated? Your actions are under constant scrutiny. Never speak a bad word about your staff, your customers or your company and its management.


Dave Baragrey is a business consultant and sales trainer for Publishers-Edge, a Special Section syndicate for print and on-line special sections, and Consulting business specifically designed to help newspapers and shopping guides.

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