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Articles Include:


Tips and stories on owning a pet.


· The Best Dog For Your Lifestyle (711 words)

· Guide to Cat Breeds and Personalities (713 words)

· Should You Buy Pet Health Insurance (509 words)

· How to Choose and Raise a Kitten (1,112 words)

· Traveling with Your Pet (1,012 words)

· Teach an Old Dog New Tricks (842 words)

· Dog Bites are on the Rise (833 words)

· Feeding and Caring for Your Parrots (981 words)

· Dealing With Pet Behavior Problems (709 words)

· Things You Need to Know About Exotic Pets (919 words)

· Family Zoo (642 words)

· First Aid Kit For Pets (729 words)


All of the photos for these articles are full color.

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Special Sections for Print are delivered on CD and each disk contains each of the articles listed above in both MS Word and Text format. The CD also contains artwork and photos in either JPEG, TIF or PDF files. The CD also contains the Front page and 16 page tabloid section with articles, photos and ad spaces completely laid out in a Quark Xpress document.

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