Everyone is Transferred to the Sales Department

Everyone is Transferred to the Sales Department

By Dave Baragrey


Imagine you just received a memo from the CEO that you, along with everyone else who works at the paper, are transferred to the sales department. The memo states, “All staff members are immediately transferred to the Sales Department. Other departments at the paper have all been eliminated. Each staff member now shares the responsibility of increasing sales revenue. In addition, all staff members will no longer receive salary or an hourly wage. Effective Immediately, each staff member will now be paid straight commission, based solely on their contribution to improving sales revenue.” Signed, the Big Boss.


Startling times at the paper. Suddenly, everyone is expected to contribute to improving sales.

· The Editorial staff, now referred to as the Editorial Sales Staff, is now expected to write features that readers will find exciting and informative. Staff writers are expected to dig deeper into local stories providing readers with comprehensive information they will only be able to find in our newspaper. The result will be increased circulation and readership, providing advertisers with better market penetration.

· The Photo Journalism staff, now referred to as the Photo Sales staff, is now expected to use more local photos. They will find more local people at more local events, becoming more involved with the community and the people that make up the community we live in. Our goal is that every person in the community hears, “Hey, I saw your picture in the paper,” at least once this year.

· The Advertising Design department, now referred to as the Advertising Design Sales department, is now expected to create only traffic generating advertising. No more “Squeezin’, Stickin’ & Fittin’ “ (from my buddy Charlie Mouser). All advertising created by our staff will professionally designed to attract readers to study and respond to the offer.

· The Accounting department, now referred to as Customer Service, is now expected to create a positive experience for every customer who calls about their invoice. Further, they are expected to supply Sales Managers and Salespeople with accurate and timely customer data.


This memo may not have been circulated at your office, but it could be coming soon. As budgets tighten and businesses begin to look for a more effective sales effort, more departments and staff members may become support to the overall sales effort of the paper.


Here is a quote to remember:

“It doesn't matter if you're on the right track, if you don't move, you'll get run over. “
Will Rogers



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